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About the Band

ATUA First Generation. 2008.....

ATUA was formed in house in Copthorne West Sussex, by co-founder Jay (Balls) Skipworth, singer/guitarist and Chris (Tama)D’Ambrosio aka ‘Noisy’ then member of local band ‘The Felony’.

Music was talked about over many beers, and we both decided to have a jam session in a local hall, with his lead Guitarist also from ‘The Felony’ Ian (Pakatangi) Jenkins. The session was fun, singing and playing songs from Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy to Santana, all music we have played in past bands and bedroom studios.

At that time, the house in Copthorne was in need of a lodger, that man was, Ian (The Guns) Husband the 4th original member. The interview for the lodgers room started with, ‘You’re a Kiwi, so we both love rugby (Ians from Wales) and I see you have a guitar in the room and I play too and sing as well. It was natural and enviable decision that Ian H would lodge with me. Ian H met the boys, and jamming in the Copthorne lounge became over many more beers, we decided to go to the local pub, ‘The Cherry Tree’ for one of its ‘Open Mic night’. From that night onwards….ATUA was born.

So we have a Maori, a Welshman, and Englishman and Italian, from different nationalities but, we all have one thing in common…the love of playing music. ATUA is a Maori name meaning (Spiritual Ancestors), which we agreed would be homage to our ancestors and nationalities, so be it ATUA became the band’s name.

Singing was shared between Jay Balls and Ian H, each swopping to bass while the other sings and plays guitar. Jay Balls sings more rock classic, likes of Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Kane, GnR, Lenny Kravitz with Ian H bringing modern/Indie rock tunes, Goo Goo Dolls, The Foos, Matchbox 20, and KoL, which compliments the set list and worked very well.

Our first gigs were played at pubs like, The Cherry Tree, The Prince Albert in Copthorne, The Ship, Dunning Mill, The Sussex and The Woodcock Inn in East Grinstead.

We also gigged at The Greyhound Crawley, and various private gigs rugby clubs, birthdays and a wedding. We recorded 8 song covers in Wales.

ATUA Next Generation 2012

Regrettably Ian (The Guns) Husband’s employment moved him back to Cardiff, which left a void in ATUA. After discussing this with Ian Pakatangi, again over beers, we decided to look for both a Bassist and a Female Vocalist. After trying to find a local bassist, we asked a good friend ‘Zakk (Bluesteel) Haydon singer/songwriter and solo performer to help out on the bass. Zakk, never played bass but picked it up very quickly providing solid bass lines and licks for our songs, he had to learn over 25 songs very quickly.

Enter the Blond Bombshell Karrie-Ann Moore, another friend in the music world, we all met at Jay Balls now in East Grinstead, discussing music, songs, gigs and the personalities amongst the 5 musicians just gelled extremely well. Our first ‘get to know each other’ practice was at local pub ‘The Prince of Wales’ 2 x acoustic guitars, 1 x bass and small amp, a tambourine and many sheets of music with various songs. Once Karrie started to sing the locals we tapping their feet and clapping, big impressive smiles from the ATUA member. This was ATUA ‘The Next generation’ born.

With a mixture of Jay Balls songs and Karrie’s songs, we brought more up to date Pop music to the mix, including, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepson, Jesse J, we also included crowd classics like Sweet Child o Mine, Boys of Summer and Beat It, this gave ATUA a different direction and an edge on other cover bands in the area. Gigs were flowing and the band names were finally been heard and sort after. We had to aggressively learn new songs to keep up with demand, recording 10 songs in the studio. Karrie’s ambition to go back to Australia for a year, left a temporary void in the band back to a 4 piece.

ATUA Generation X 2012…

Our co-founder drummer Chris ‘Tama’ aka ‘Noisy’ decided to get a real job ;) which led him into the navy based in Portsmouth. With only the remaining two original co-founders Jay Balls and Ian Pakatangi, with new bassist Zakk ‘Bluesteel’ we were all searching for a drummer.

Note***(We have had our life saver Drummer and good friend David (Sticks) James, fill in many times, and helped us out immensely over the years, and we thank him with all our heart, and in ATUA style, you are always welcomed back in the mix)

Auditions started, and Costal lad, ‘Joss Stone’ hard hitting drum sounds, became the second drummer for ATUA. Although short-lived, Joss played a gig at the ‘Prince Albert’ Copthorne and recorded 3 x songs with us in the studio’s.

With couple weeks to go to our next gig with no drummer, enter ‘The Felony’ drummer Jason (Smiler). With one practice in hand and an (aggressive learning curve over 22 songs) we hit new Pub ‘The Bridge Bar’ in East Grinstead becoming amongst the best gig to date.

ATUA Generation X is continuing to strive for excellence, going from strength to strength, becoming tighter, more vocally, more stage presence, more song choices, ensuring a wide range of music to be enjoyed by like-minded musicians, and music loving people. We pride ourselves on our professional approach, musical talent, and engaging with our customers ensuring satisfaction is met. We are extremely proud of all our band members past and present, (most drop in now and again and re-kindle a song or two, so don’t miss out on our gigs) as we wouldn’t be where we are now……

ATUA TRIO. 2014..(Current) The story nevers ends, again Jay and Ian finds themselves in a new adventure in exploring a 3-piece with us looking for yet another drummer. That person is Neil Feltham. All 3 musicians expanded thier talents over the years ensuring we have a full solid sound, adding licks directly back to a solid rhythm beat. ATUA TRIO have kept some classic and constantly including new songs from the Foo Fighters, Killers, Tom Petty, Bob Marley to name a few. ATUA TRIO have also cemented a another regular venue in 'The Swan' in Crawley. Come down and see what we are all about..

Rock On!!!!! And Be Safe!!! ATUA XoX

Meet the Band

Jay Skipworth

Guitar, Bass
Spoons & Vocals

Ian Jenkins

Lead Guitar

Zakk Haydon


Jason Scully




Chris D'Ambrosio


Ian Husband
(The Guns)


Joss Stone
(The Beat)


David James


Kate Kirwan


Ian Chicken