The Band/

Ian (Pakatungi) Jenkins

Ian (Pakatungi) Jenkins

History of Playing/Singing

Started playing guitar at 15, after being inspired by my brothers friend playing acoustic. I began to teach myself guitar (driving my parents insane with smoke on the water and the James bond theme tune). I formed a band with some school friends 'anim8ed minds' ( only knowing about 5 chords). I had a passion for writing my own music and Played many local gigs and a music festival at The Brighton centre. Played open mic jams regular with my cousin. From 16-19 played in various bands. In 2007ish i met Jay skipworth and formed the band ATUA, and the rest writes itself.

About / Bands

Born: England...
Age: September 1987...

Sucka peach, Double Ice, Anim8ed minds,Legacy,The Felony,ATUA


Favourite Movie: The addams family.
Favourite Food: Pats - curry beef and chips :) its amazing!
Favourite part of the Female Anatomy: EVERYTHING:)
Favourite Saying: Lets Rock!

First GiG/Best Gig

First GiG:
A long time ago, in local pub in Inglewood, NZ

Best GiG:
A house party, whom i have no idea who's. ( i had green tinted hair? And wore a fisherman's hat ). We played Boston-more than a feeling without vocals, Nickel Back-how you remind me, Eye of the Tiger, RHCP and two of our own songs which actually went down better :)


Lead Guitar/ backing Vocals
Epiphone les Paul standard gold top, EMG pick ups, gauge 11 strings, 0.96mm picks,JVM 205c, standard Crybaby wahh, Boss tuner.


Guns n Roses,Slash, velvet revolver, led zeppelin, Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, John Mayer,Motley crue, SRV,Nickelback and many many many more