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Neil (Fingers) Feltham

Neil (Fingers) Feltham

History of Playing

Started singing at 7 years old, entered local talent contests (I won of Course) started playing guitar at 12 years and joined the local school band. (was trying to outdo the local ginger kid on vocals) Joined my brothers Band at 14-15 Years old. Playing pub

About / Bands

Born: Cuckfield UK, English.
Age: 43.
Octopus Jam, The Wiskey Beats, ATUA
Normal Job: Gardener


Favourite Pastime: Playing Drums, Hiking. Eating and Drinking’
Favourite Movie: Sideways, Dirty Harry, Back to the Future, any Bond Movies
Favourite part of the Female Anatomy: Boobs
Favourite Food: Anything Hot and Spicy

First GiG/Best Gig

First GiG:
Cant remeber

Best GiG:
Many GiGs, happy times




Living the Dream€¦